Of Light

99 Levels to help Hell



There are certain expectations you are likely to get from a game known as 99 Levels to Hell. Such things as the game’s supreme destination, how many parts you need to clear to succeed in it, and maybe even the assumption of an overall concept. 99 Levels to Hell offers on all fronts, but that’s just the start of the depth involving content in this cartoonishly weakling, violent, randomized 2D steps platformer.

Apparently, you’re stuck on the entrance to hell, and the only way out is through. You enjoy as a mustachioed chap that has a shotgun of limited range but decent power, blasting enemies and picking up gold and any other goodies the truth is along the way...

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The Minimalist Platforming involving Forgotten Ball



Sometimes it’s nice to be able to strip out all the excess and get simple.? Simple just like a ball jumping their way through a tower of deadly red-colored obstacles and endless pits, the path wrap around a main column and digicam occasionally giving a view to the absolute depths you traversed on the way to the most up-to-date checkpoint.? Forgotten Ball is a Kickstarter project for a lovely platform adventure in which you’re a baseball on a mission to the top of the tower, and it’azines got a demo to exhibit that its ambitions are very well within reach.? A short trial, admitted, but promising and somehow calming at the same time.? It’s such as video game comfort food.

As a ball you can do two things- roll and also jump...

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Nintendo Give Illusion Life a DLC-ectomy



Nintendo announced the other day that their new life simulator, Fantasy Life, had also been getting day-1 DLC in the form of Beginning Island.? The compensated DLC expands the game that has a brand-new area, more tale, new pets, more robust gear, and even more happy to expand what’s looking to be a game of outstanding size.? Somehow, nevertheless, Nintendo seems to have left out the bit where necessary . was included in the Japanese people release.? Although that will statement does include a small disclaimer.

The version of Fantasy Life that’ersus coming out in the US will be the updated re-release from Japan...

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Did Capcom Choose the Right Course With Resident Wicked 4?



Earlier this month, Capcom introduced an HD reprise of the Gamecube remake of the original Resident Evil. Aside from obvious “remake of a remake” awkwardness, the decision to revisit the previous of an installment has been met with the two praise and confusion. The environment that endured after Capcom’s 2005 Game of the Year Resident Evil 4 had made these “classic” Citizen Evil games look archaic and was involved with in comparison. Clunky manages, static camera views, it all felt similar to something that should’ve faded away forever after RE4. But this revisiting of the past had been met with anticipation from those who criticized Resident Evil 4 for the same items that others praised the item for. Resident Evil 4 may have been one of the greatest games of its generation, but may...

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