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Rayman Legends



Who would have thought Rayman would become one of the most respected gaming franchises? That isn’t to say that Rayman is unattractive — far from it in reality, as our precocious limbless rabbit…bear…mystery thing has been around in his fair share regarding fantastic adventures. Before the release of Rayman Origins in 2011, on the other hand, it was considered some sort of decidedly “second-tier” video game team, just below Earthworm Jim (and still very over Glover). Bringing back the original development team, Ubisoft Montpellier, and overhauling the game together with beautiful hand driven graphics breathed new life into the series and proved a great classic platformer knowledge was still possible inside aughts. Unfortunately, Origins didn’t exactly light the world on fire, but ...

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist



To remember how particular Splinter Cell is, it just takes going a few years that don’t have them. In the time given that 2010’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, we’ve received enough generic first person shooters that it’s easy to forget about the simple thrills of a well-made stealth game. Splinter Cellular is a franchise that presents a worldwide risk, much to the level involving some of the most violent fps, but allows pretty much the entire game to be played without harming a single person; proof in which sneaking around inside shadows, laying in wait as your feed moves past a person looking for the right second to strike can appear far more intense then even the biggest battlefield...

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Killer is Dead



It’s a big risk to have a weird product in the video game industry. While the indie movement has provided rise to gems like Hotline Miami, mainstream dojos tend to be afraid to be able to step out of the box. For each Catherine, there’s twenty simple military shooters. For every Saints Row IV, there’s twenty racing games. Fortunately, however, Japanese dojos tend to revel in the avant-garde, continually releasing goofy games that have simply no equal in their capability to deviate from the norm. Unfortunately, we rarely get to experience these types of stateside, but when one occurs, it’s cause for celebration. Killer is Dead is not only an uncommon opportunity to peer within the Japanese game planet, but also one of the oddest games ever designed — and this is from the person who made...

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Lost Planet A few



In the three years ever since the release of Lost Planet 2, well-known opinion of the operation has plummeted. The actual series began along with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, an earlier hit exclusive for the Xbox 360 that was recognized for some revolutionary game-design elements and an underutilized placing. Even if the ending seemed to be crummy, it became a thing of a cult traditional with a burgeoning multi-player community until Halo 3 showed up on the scene and ruined it. When Lost Globe 2 was announced, on the other hand, many were cynical that the game can hold up to the amazing thrills of its precursor...

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