Yuri Visual Novel Kindred State of mind on the Roof Available for Pre-Order



Fans of yuri visual fiction (or heck, just visual novels generally speaking) should take note that MangaGamer currently have just opened up Kindred Alcohol on the Roof for pre-orders via their site.

This PC sport deals with ghosts who is unrequited love causes the crooks to play cupid with the women in the high school that they haunt. In a unexpected twist, Kindred Spirits on the Roof is the initial 18+ visual novel that may be being allowed about Steam without information cuts.

Kindred Spirits on the top can be pre-ordered now in the discounted cost of $29.80 on MangaGamer. Please note that this site is not worksafe! And not yet confirmed, it is very likely these digital order placed will include a complimentary Water vapor key. Kindred Spirits on top launches on February 14 — just in time for Valentine’s Day time.

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