YouTube Gaming will allow for native loading of Android video games

YouTube Gaming will allow for native loading of Android video games


The rush to see who will capture the mobile phone game streaming marketplace is heating up even more. At this time Mobcrush is still only available with iOS, the company is still taking care of a beta for Android. This simply leaves Twitch and Facebook Gaming as the the front runners to catch the Android business for mobile video game streaming. DeNA does have the app as well, referred to as Mirrativ, but as it appears that application nevertheless needs a bunch of features.

Twitch currently doesn’t have much in the way of features regarding native Android online game streaming on any kind of Android devices beyond Nvidia’s Shield series. Youtube . com Gaming just recently unveiled as well, already filled with a massive amount of already existing content that may be gaming related coming from YouTube, as well as having plenty of streamers. YouTube isn’t really stopping there though, as the company features announced plans to allow Android users to help stream Android games live from their Android mobile phone devices to Metacafe Gaming.

The new features can arrive from within the YouTube Gaming software in an upcoming upgrade, although when which will arrive hasn’t been reported, only that it will be returning soon. The headline came from YouTube Game playing who is currently at the Tokyo Online game Show that is going on today.

Twitch still dominated the actual streaming market, yet compare the PC/console streamers to mobile party streamers on Twitch, where there isn’t that many. The reason why? Mainly due to just how streaming from a mobile device isn’t the easiest of things to do. However, that will market is expected to go beyond PC/console streaming in the near future and the company that comes by helping cover their a product to make it easier to be able to stream mobile activities will take control of that market share.

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