Help defend this moon from alien invasion in Celestial body overhead Tower Attack

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Help defend this moon from alien invasion in Celestial body overhead Tower Attack


Released by Game Twisting Studio, Moon Tower Attack is a Two.5D tower defense game that’s just fallen on Android. Gamers are looking to send the actual moon from penetrating, goblin-like aliens that are known as the Dim Forces. The game includes 20 levels, while using layout of each currently being randomly generated at the outset of each level. This particular add a good amount involving replay value as well.

The sport also boats a great “adaptive AI” and will change it’s vectors for attack in line with the conditions of the sport. Players will have bleaching guns, bunkers, flamethrowers, atmosphere strike capabilities, and even more at their disposal. Upgrades are bought via the coins and experience acquired by victory.

Moon Tower Assault Features:

– 20 degrees of epic tower security ...

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Noodlecake Studios releases their retro arcade present shooter Astro Party onto Google android


Noodlecake Studios have produced their newest online game onto Android nowadays called Astro Party. This is the retro-style space themed video shooter with a marginally different twist to it, and that is up to several players can play while doing so, on the same device. So it is literally a party recreation.

Each player takes charge of one of the spaceships in the game, after which proceed to play with a three different game modes. Each mode has a different type of gameplay, but for the most part it is all about being the very last man standing.

Astro Get together Features:

– Two button controls
– Three game modes
– Active arenas

Of course there isn’t the three modes inside same area...

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Polgray releases a new Arcade-RTS subject called Capture! onto Google Play


Polgray is a little indie creator who has just unveiled a new game on to Android called Seize!. This particular game is definitely labeled as an Arcade-RTS crossbreed, where players will be trying to eliminate the opponents in order to attempt to dominate the guide.

The gameplay is similar to various other RTS titles of this nature including Auralux. Players will have their own personal bases, denoted by among the available colors, as well as proceed to send troopers out to try and conquer the opponent basics. In order to reach some bases though, you’ll need to either pass through or perhaps conquer other opponents’ facets.

Capture! Features:

? Four Themes
? Wonderful Power-ups
? Interactive Tutorial
? Leaderboards
? High Ranking Sharing
? An Atmospheric Soundtrack, often inspired by RTS sta...

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Kyy Games looking to make a physical board game from their mobile title Cabals: Miraculous & Battle Cards


Usually we see actual physical board games getting ported into a mobile phone game. However today we get to talk about the specific opposite, a mobile phone game that is finding a physical board game type of it made. Very well hopefully made, because developers have a Kickstarter strategy going for funding.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Card discovered life initially in mobile devices, being released onto Android and iOS not too long ago. It has since carried out pretty well for itself, soaking in the 100K-500K download tag. Kyy Games now wants to make their mobile game into a real board game. It will be a mix of TCG and strategy table gaming, where the panel is actually expandable with various pieces.

Using a combination of products and spells, participants will attempt to conquer the overall...

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